Yin Jun

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E-mail cím: yinj@ceu.hu

I am a post-doc researcher in CDC. I received my PhD in June, 2013 (Zhejiang University, P.R.China). The thesis of my doctoral dissertation is 'The role of social information in perceptual organization: Perceptual grouping by cooperative and competitive relationship information'. Now, I mainly focus on how the infants perceive the visual world and get the knowledge from the adults. In these series of experiments, the behavioral methods, EEG/EEG and NIRS techniques are all used.

Konferencia előadások

Yin, J., Huang, X., Shui, R.D., & Shen, M.W. (2013). Cooperative but not competitive relationship drives perceptual grouping of objects. Poster presented at the 2013 VSS Annual Meeting. 05/13/2013, Naples, Florida, US.


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