Our research requires the help of many volunteers! If you would like to participate and learn more about your child‘s mind, please contact us!

Dear Volunteer,

For our research we need volunteers. If you would like to participate in our studies and learn more about your child’s mind, please contact us by filling all the fields in the following form.

In order to schedule research visits, we need to be able to contact volunteering parents from time to time. This is primarily achieved by a phone call or by an email message when your child is of the age that we need for one of our investigations.

By filling out and submitting this form, you agree that the Cognitive Development Center of Central European University can store the data that your provide here. Our team uses these data only for the purpose specified above and does not pass them on to anyone. The information you provide is stored until your child is 5 years old and is then destroyed. However, you may also ask us any time to remove your data from our database.

Our data management complies with the rules of the European GDPR regulations.

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